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NOTE : This article was written in Today, we use several different models of intervention, many of which were not described in this article.

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It was June 10, and he was decidedly hung over. Looking rough and feeling bloated, bad even for a Saturday morning, he accepted a ride with a family friend to what was supposed to be a job interview with an influential lawyer. These were strange days for him. Twice through treatment and twice fallen from the wagon, he knew the dean was revoking his law school diploma for unfinished class work.

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He was neither a student nor a lawyer, just an alcoholic and his family knew he was drinking even more than before. Having never spent a day in his life in a public school, he was an accomplished son of affluent parents. Friends said he was brilliant and self-destructive in the same breath. Status, women, and alcoholism, to boot. But he was essentially trapped most days in his West End rental in mid, paralyzed by debt, swimming in guilt.

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Every day, a new sack of empty beer bottles accumulated next to the dirty armchair where he was supposed to be studying. He never counted the bottles, but they made for a heavy bag.

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A job prospect at this stage — though it was inexplicable that anyone would really want to hire him — was worth showing up for. The interview, however, was a ruse. Stepping through the doorway at W. Main Street, he encountered his parents, grandparents, an uncle, an aunt, a brother, and two sisters inside, as well a stranger named Bill Maher who knew him better than he could ever imagine.

Here in this nondescript little building without a sign, his life would change, perhaps forever. The meeting began. Carefully tendered family testimonials unfolded around him. His father cried. He estimates that he has conducted more than interventions Update note—by the end of he has conducted more than He does his work on his feet, talking and listening. The phone rings. She still sends him money. Maher is silent as the conversation pauses for the mother to cry.

The mother on the phone will probably hire him the next time she calls, Maher says, clicking off the phone. Her son is dying and she has to save him. His war stories as an alcoholic come out in small pieces, fragments of a harrowing picture he infers is best described in summary, not detail. He claims divine providence.

Most of his 20s are a blur, he says. In a combat battalion of the US Marines, he had access to prescriptive drugs and used all he wanted. Week-long binges, holed up in cheap hotels with four or five half-gallons, were normal.

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Maher says that at his worst he was transporting his belongings in a kettle grill on the streets of Upper Marlboro, Md. For the first time in his life, Maher was a fall-down drunk. From there, the only direction was up.

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He started to pray. He lives in a world of absolutes: Alcoholism is a disease. It is progressive and fatal. Family and friends can help a patient recover—but they have to change their outlook. In the summer of she was 45, a mother of one, relatively friendless and drinking approximately a liter of wine a day after work and on weekends.

It took about that much wine to guarantee that when her head hit the pillow at night, she would fall deep into sleep and escape what haunted her. She has a dinner group with other women like her, the sort of gathering where they never discuss tethering themselves to more thoughtless men.

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Furthermore, those who agree on the necessity of intervention may disagree on details such as the origin, magnitude, purpose, and timing of the planned intervention. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security. Info Print Cite.

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Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Interventionism international relations. Written By: Razvan Sibii. See Article History. Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: humanitarian intervention. Humanitarian intervention , actions undertaken by an organization or organizations usually a state or a coalition of states that are intended to alleviate extensive human suffering within the borders of a sovereign state.

Interventionists who are certified by the Association of Intervention Specialists meet a set of rigorous standards and are highly connected in the addictive medicine community. This allows the interventionist to connect families to a network of additional professionals that can help them as they support their loved one on her recovery journey. Using a trained and certified interventionist is the best way to plan an effective intervention that will help your loved one get the treatment she needs.

If you or a loved one struggles with substance abuse and have any questions about interventions, we are here for you. Call our hour helpline, , to speak to an admissions coordinator about available treatment options. Learn About Intervention. Finding Help for Addiction Continue Reading. Intervention Steps According to the Mayo Clinic, a with the help of a trained interventionist, an intervention usually includes the following: Make a plan. A family member or friend proposes an intervention and forms a planning group.

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Gather information. Form the intervention team.