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The following lists the membership of each incarnation of the Inner Circle and the title they held; in descending order of rank are Kings and Queens, followed by Bishops and Rooks. After a Sentinel attack on Shaw's beach house resulted in the death of his lover, Lourdes Chantel, Shaw and his ally Emma Frost purged the entire Council in one night and appointed themselves its Black King and White Queen.

Frost began running the Massachusetts Academy at this time. Donald Pierce reached the rank of White King but was later expelled for conspiring against his mutant colleagues. Selene had originally planned on creating a new Inner Circle with the help of the Upstarts - among them Shinobi Shaw, son of Sebastian Shaw - but they betrayed and imprisoned her. Believing to have successfully assassinated his father,[20] Shinobi Shaw briefly took over the New York branch of the Club, seemingly with support from the External Candra.

Sebastian Shaw, despite his apparent death, later re-emerged[28] and retook control of the Hellfire Club in attempt to restore its former power and glory. Selene, freed from her imprisonment by the Upstarts, took under her influence a resurrected Madelyne Pryor in her quest for revenge. Meeting in New York, Shaw proposes a reformation of the Inner Circle with the following line-up:[32] At first operating in secret from outside the Hellfire Club still under Shinobi Shaw's control , Sebastian's group soon reasserted control over the organization.

Shaw, presented with a mysterious offer,[37] decided to accept its terms and resign from the Inner Circle, advising Fitzroy to do the same. Selene, finding herself the sole remaining member of the Inner Circle, reformed the club in her own image and allied with the ruler of Hell, Blackheart. After a confrontation with the Fantastic Four, Blackheart is imprisoned and Selene's captive Daimon Hellstorm is freed; Hellstorm then became the club's White King to ensure a balance of power and light.

The Hellfire Club was found closed and abandoned, covered in blackbriar thorns; Selene herself was trapped inside the mansion, unable to leave. It was also revealed that Emma Frost, despite having left the club long ago and having since joined the X-Men, still retained her membership and White Queen title.

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Sat-Yr-9 confronts Emma Frost and, assuming her title, becomes the newest addition to the Inner Circle, bringing with her bodyguard and self-appointed "White Warrior Princess" Viper. Shaw has since returned as the Black King, seemingly plotting to rebuild his power base. It was later revealed that these were in fact the psychic manipulations of Cassandra Nova, who, in an attempt to free herself from mental imprisonment by the X-Men, had placed a portion of her mind in Frost's. This Inner Circle was in fact Emma Frost's psionic projections - Negasonic Teenage Warhead being a former student of hers who died in Genosha, and Perfection a manifestation of Emma's younger, evil self - and not aligned with the Hellfire Club.

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Sebastian Shaw's Inner Circle has recently reemerged. Wolverine came into confrontation with a new "Inner Circle", under the false impression by Sebastian Shaw and "Miss Sinister" that they are behind the kidnapping of his son, Daken. Castlemere Turner Scholl Mercedes. Selene has reemerged and with her a new Inner Cicle composed of the deadliest mutants in the world. The following characters are members of the Hellfire Club, many of them being extremely influential, but were not part of the any of the Inner Circle incarnations mentioned above.

Membership is either hereditary, or obtained through personal invitation from the branch's King.

Known members include: Warren Worthington Jr. James Braddock Jr. This group would entertain a rivalry with Professor Charles Xavier's students at the time, the New Mutants.

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Age of Apocalypse In the alternate universe known as the "Age of Apocalypse", the Hellfire Club was not active and was possibly decimated by the forces of Apocalypse. Its closest counterpart was Heaven, Warren Worthington III's nightclub that formed a neutral zone from the genetic conflict that boiled outside. Sebastian Shaw meanwhile served as a member of Apocalypse's court. Donald Pierce also became a servant of Apocalypse, and lead the techno-organic-infected Reavers. On the other side of the conflict, Emma Frost served as part of the Human High Council, having been stripped of her powers through a lobotomy.

Jason Wyngarde, a victim of the Sugar Man's genetic experiments, and had become one of Forge's Outcasts. Bishop's Future The Hellfire Club retained its position as one of the world's major powers in the future timeline of Bishop. Fitzroy would later travel back in time, bringing him into conflict with his forefathers Shinobi and Sebastian Shaw. Jean however underwent a mental breakdown, and stole the Inner Circle's bank access codes and wiped their minds. A group called the Church of Shi'ar Enlightenment later approached the Xavier Institute, claiming the Hellfire Club was a breakaway sect, and asking to examine whether or not Jean really is the Phoenix God.

However, Lilandra's assistant Gerald Lavine was revealed to be an operative of the Hellfire Club and working for Shinobi Shaw, who is also dating Emma Frost, headmistress of the Academy of Tomorrow and secretly a member of the Hellfire club. This inner circle appears more closely related to the Ultimate Series, as a group who is obsessed solely with attaining the power of the Phoenix.

Fantagraphics Books. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Selene manipulated her young followers with the promise of a game, where each murder committed would land them points that would ultimately lead to them being granted a prize, described as "being the next best thing to immortality" by the Gamemaster. However, with another writer change, Selene's involvement with the Upstarts was cut short as she herself was betrayed by Trevor Fitzroy.

Selene was kept in a torture device that repeatedly ripped her flesh from her body to attract the attention of the Gamesmaster, who took advantage of the situation to proclaim himself the new leader of the Upstarts. She would be freed by Amanda Sefton , though the torture left her weak and scarred. Needing to replenish her power, Selene first attacked and killed the other surviving Externals. Though she was opposed by X-Force , she managed to complete the slaughter and knock out the mutants, until Cable arrived. Selene's attempt to absorb Cable's life backfired when she touched his techno-organic arm and she was forced to flee to maintain her power.

Shortly afterwards, she tried to access the power of a mystical convergence using a Runestaff made from the roots of Yggdrasil, the Norse World Tree. She came to the Exploding Colossal Man festival in New Mexico, but was again opposed by X-Force, who managed to wrest the Runestaff away from her and destroy the Colossal Man mannequin it activated. Selene missed her opportunity for ultimate power and vowed vengeance on X-Force.

She next appeared back in Brazil, where she had tracked Sunspot , along with Deviants posing as S. She lured Sunspot to her defense, and offered him a position of power in the Hellfire Club, which he refused, regardless of the illusions with which she tempted him. Selene herself was attacked by the Sword strike team, but she managed to cast a spell that devolved them back to lizards. Along with the rest of X-Force, Selene was able to usurp control of the machinery that activated the Gatherer, but Moonstar and Arcadia destroyed the Celestial artifact before Selene could access its power.


Selene then returned to her post as the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, after striking a deal with the demon Blackheart and seemingly throwing out the rest of the Inner Circle. She offered Sunspot the position of Black Rook, which he initially refused but then accepted when Selene and Blackheart revealed that his doing so would allow them to resurrect the spirit of Juliana Sandoval, the girl who died saving Sunspot's life when he first joined the New Mutants.

However, with Sebastian Shaw's return to the Hellfire Club, Selene was somehow trapped inside the catacombs under the Club. However, she gained limited mobility from an alliance with Donald Pierce. When the X-Men, including Rachel Summers arrived, during a membership change in the Hellfire Club, Selene plotted to use Rachel to completely free herself.

She followed Rachel to Hong Kong via a transport portal and saved her from being corrupted by a telepathic agent of Courtney Ross , who was trying to become the next White Queen. This move was only a prelude to Selene taking over Rachel's mind, but Marvel Girl was too strong for Selene and expelled her, keeping Selene trapped for a time beneath the Hellfire Club headquarters.

Selene was one of the few mutants to retain her powers after the events of M-Day. Selene, disguised as an old woman, befriends Wither and they live together in Mutant Town. She then asks him if he would use his powers to save his or her life. She had been killing a large number of people by draining their life-forces, and during her last feeding her disguise was spotted by a witness. She reveals to Wither that Laurie has died, while he was away.

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Later she is attacked by the police and managed to kill two of them before being shot multiple times. Wither arrives and kills the other two officers, only for Selene to drop her disguise, telling him she is immortal and that they are two of a kind and should be together. She tells Wither that she will be his queen if he agrees, then kisses him, and he consents.