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Archaeological evidence of violence uncovered elsewhere along the river bank backs up the claim that this area was a hotbed of conflict. The A. George Dvorsky. Filed to: Bronze age badasses. Share This Story. More in Bronze age. About the author George Dvorsky. The result is likely to become a classic. But she has achieved much more. By painstaking research.

The Warrior Spirit: How We Need it More Than Ever; Essay from Chris Schafer

Mayor opens up new horizons in world storytelling and feminist iconography. There may not be Amazon dolls in today's toyshops, but a good substitute would be to read this wonderful book with your children and show them its pictures. Mayor's beautifully illustrated book, truly encyclopedic on all things Amazonian, reclaims the historic image of these dauntless figures in the heroic frame they deserve. Much of her archaeological evidence is new — such as her descriptions of 'Scythian' female graves with horses and weapons. She chooses wonderful illustrations which makes the book enjoyable and easy to read.

And it is a riveting read, too. It represents a remarkable scholarly breakthrough: no one will ever be able to discuss the Amazon myths again without taking into account the historical evidence she provides. Kaplanis, Journal of Historical Geography. Her charming and seamless style can certainly provoke a reader's interest in the still distant and unknown terra incognita of the Black Sea and Caucasus regions and their nomadic life.

Man Steals Thumb of Chinese Terra-Cotta Warrior From Philadelphia Museum

Not one that just dismisses old stories as being too tall or made up, but really gives them the benefit of the doubt and tries to correlate and reconcile them with hard evidence. This is brilliantly achieved in Amazons. This in many ways is an exhaustive study, every facet that could be thought of has been included, and very little left out. You won't devour this in a sitting, just as you wouldn't eat a whole gooey gateau at once, but each slice of book is appetising enough to keep you coming back for more.

There is no shortage of historical imagery depicting Amazons through different artistic medians from paintings to carvings.

What’s a soldier? What’s a warrior? Well, do you want to live in a state or in a tribe?

The stories of who the Amazons were, how they really lived, and why they loved their lives with such timeless vivacity make the reader of this sensational work want to stand up and raise her sword to the sky to cheer! Never before has one author so seamlessly merged the iconic lives and lore of the Amazons with genuine images, facts, and research. With the depth of a textbook and the easy conversational style of a good friend, Mayor rapidly dispels myths about one of the strongest female cultures in history while uplifting the hearts of readers with dreams of strength and adventure.

It was amazing the lengths she went to in order to save them from abuse.

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I was truly in awe of this character. So inspiring. This story is at times beyond heart-wrenching and difficult to read but then there is so much beauty that courses throughout. The writing was honest, raw, genuine and beautiful. I would love to devour another story by Lali A. Her background is so intriguing and the work she does is so interesting. I would love to read anything else she writes. This story truly made me want to continue working on healing my own pain and becoming the strongest warrior I can be. Thank you Lali A. Jul 06, Medea Kalantar rated it it was amazing. I was so captivated by the storyline that I ended up reading the whole book in one reading.