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Mace gave detailed descriptions of a few French and British soldiers. Mace shows the different sides of the ranking officers to the foot soldiers which were common in the 19th century military. As you turn the pages, you feel an urgency building. You learn of some of the circumstances of the young soldiers as fear, loss, commitment and illnesses face these soldiers You will find that you are reading as fast as you can and turning those pages as fast as you can.

It was a shocking tale of Badajoz. This book was a great historical book.

Forlorn Hope: The Storming of Badajoz by James Mace

You must read this to gain a little knowledge of history past The author makes you feel like you are there with these soldiers on the battleground. You're drawn into their emotions. Every soldier viewed things differently and had different reasons for going to battle. Mace writes in such a realistic fashion. I would recommend this book to everyone.

Spain: Triumph of Forlorn Hope

You'll look forward to more from this author. I give this novella 4. He joined the United States Air Force out of high school, and three years later changed over to the Army. He spent a career as a soldier, including service in the Iraq War. In , he left his full-time position with Army Guard and devoted himself completely to writing. Mar 03, Meagan Myhren-bennett rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , educational , friendship , history , war. With Napoleon distracted by the invasion of Russia, Wellington uses this distraction to turn his attention toward Spain.

But the path is barred by two fortresses, Ciudad Rodrigo and Badajoz. Wellington must seize Badajoz if he is to finish his drive to Spain, but time is running out as the French army under Marshal Soult is en route to relieve Badajoz. The British must act now before all is lost.

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Lieutenant James Webster in mourning for his wife volunteers to lead the Forlorn Hope entering and capturing the breach into Badajoz. With nothing to lose these men are determined to give their lives for the cause. Wellington, nicknamed Old Nosey, has taken the very dregs of society, and turned them into a highly-skilled and iron-disciplined fighting force.

And fight they will as they storm Badajoz. As the time for the attack draws near Lieutenant Webster begins to question his impulsive decision to volunteer for certain death before even seeing his newborn daughter Amy. Under the cover of darkness the Forlorn Hope made their move. The ensuing battle brings about the slaughter of hundreds and the temporary madness of many of the survivors who committed outrages on the non-militant who were within Badajoz.

Forlorn Hope

James Webster was wounded during the storming and lived, though the complications required that he be sent back to England and to his daughter. This book would be an excellent supplement to a High School history class. At pages it is not too long to extend past the attention span of most students or to take longer than the chapter or two devoted to this historical period in the average history book. It is also an worthy introduction into I Stood with Wellington as one has become acquainted with various characters in this novella. I was provided a digital copy of this book by the author for the purpose of this review.

A novella,which is the prelude to "I Stood With Wellington" by this author. The battle of will always loom over Badajoz. This battle set the stage for the downfall and defeat of Napoleon. What an interesting and detailed story of the tragedy at Badajoz,Spain.

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The men who fought that battle,their challenges,their struggles,their loss and the heroism of that dreadful day. If you enjoy the Napoleonic War history, the history of Badajoz,Spain,and battles you will enjoy this title. This is my first read by this author,and I hope to read more by him. With his vivid descriptions,and his attention to details, you feel as though you where there.

These where brave men who risk all, some lost all to save their country. A must read for all and any history buffs,and fiction readers.

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Received for an honest review from the author and Pump Up Your Book. Oct 11, John Salter rated it it was amazing. He has previously written a series of novels about the Roman army but has now turned his hand to the Napoleonic period, of which Forlorn Hope was the first in the style of a novella. This short but incredibly accurate story tells the horrific true story of the siege, storming and aftermath of the battle of Badajoz during Spring Clearly an awful lot of study went into this tale much to the authors credit, which he has cleverly combined with fictional and real characters to produce a very well written, engaging, thoroughly enjoyable, yet disturbing story of what we are capable of doing to each other during times of conflict.

Well done Mr Mace, now I'll have to find the other novels! I've read a few books about this period both factual and fictional, I should say fictional but based on historical fact and this is right up there with the best of them, it's a great story and highly recommended.

Aug 10, Bob Cantrell rated it it was amazing. War at its worst I enjoyed this book because it looked at the taking of Badajoz during the Peninsula War in the early 's by the forces of Wellington. I have read the Richard Sharpe story of this event and can say this one is as good as Sharpe's story. There is a major difference between the two: this one looks at the men, who are going in as the Forlorn Hope while Sharpe deals with Sharpe's worrying about his wife and daughter caught in Badajoz. In this one you hope that they all make it, but War at its worst I enjoyed this book because it looked at the taking of Badajoz during the Peninsula War in the early 's by the forces of Wellington.

In this one you hope that they all make it, but it isn't called a Forlorn Hope for nothing and there is bloodshed aplenty when the fighting starts.

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Who makes and who doesn't well all I can say is read it find out. Apr 30, Geoff Woodland rated it liked it. Napoleonic history is a hobby of mine, and Wellington's battles of the Spanish Peninsular is a must read for me. The battle was factual, which gave it a textbook style to some extent. For those interested in Napoleonic battles it is five stars, but for those looking for the battle to be the Napoleonic history is a hobby of mine, and Wellington's battles of the Spanish Peninsular is a must read for me. For those interested in Napoleonic battles it is five stars, but for those looking for the battle to be the background of a adventure or romance story it leaves a lot to be desired.

Brandon Lorentz rated it really liked it Feb 21, Jeff rated it liked it Mar 12, Wayne Povsha sr rated it it was amazing Mar 31, Joseph Petyanszki rated it really liked it Nov 26, Doreen rated it really liked it Apr 24, Mary M Rao rated it liked it Feb 02, Jon Vanderstouwe rated it liked it May 01, Dan Stinton rated it liked it Sep 07, Geno Hammer rated it liked it May 03, Ernest Godfrey rated it really liked it Apr 13, CW Andrews rated it it was amazing Jul 13, Robert Monti rated it really liked it Jun 28, Brandon rated it it was amazing Jun 08, Ray Gebbie rated it really liked it Nov 15, Officers and men from different regiments became intermingled and a series of rushes were mounted, in a vain attempt to enter one of the breaches.

The French engineers fired a series of fougasses, improvised mines constructed by making a hollow in the ground and filling it with explosives and projectiles; mines and powder barrels hidden in the ditch, logs rolled down the walls, tar barrels and artillery fire. A horrible scene ensued as scores of men were slain, scorched or disabled.

Many were drowned when they jumped into a flooded portion of the ditch. Casualties mounted, particularly among the leaders. Captain Fergusson received a nasty head wound. Only two officers of the advance escaped unhurt. By cruel mischance, both Williams and Edward de Salaberry, responsible for leading the storming party into the breach also fell. It is not certain which went first, whether they fell leading the men forward or in trying to rally them, but the outcome was the same; Williams was severely wounded and Lieutenant Edward de Salaberry was dead. This horrible check was followed by a brief pause before the main bodies of each division reached the edge of the ditch and began moving in.

The troops suffered severely as they dribbled over the counterscarp. Order collapsed as soldiers from both divisions became intermingled, and the engineer officers leading the 4th Division, Captain William Nicholas and Lieutenant Anthony Emmett[35] tried to move men into the Santa Maria breach. He was hit again[36] leading about 70 men in a third effort and had to be dragged off the field to get medical attention.

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  7. Upwards of 40 attacks were made to get though the breaches in the bastions. Many of these were uncoordinated and involved fewer than a company at a time. Most were shot down before they reached the breach. As midnight approached, the attacks began to peter out, as the men stayed in the ditch, unable to advance and unwilling to retreat. In two hours, the 4th and Light Divisions had suffered almost 2, casualties from a combined total of 6, men.

    Shortly thereafter, Wellington ordered both divisions withdrawn.