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We're assuming most of you have read at least one poem in your life Shel Silverstein , anyone?

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Though they often have way fewer words than even the shortest of novels, there's something about poetry books that seems to really freak people out; and while we assure you there's nothing to be afraid of—we love poems —we're also all about taking it easy when it comes to trying new things. And you know who writes all the poems in this book? A ten-year-old. And though she's quite good for someone her age, she's still just a kid, and this means that she doesn't dabble in tricky metaphors or value rhyme schemes more than the stories she tells.

In other words, this is a book of poetry for people who swear that poetry's not for them, the perfect way to dive into the genre in a way that feels like you're just getting your toes wet. That transformative power has only increased over the four decades Adamson has been pouring out poems.

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I confess to especially liking the Robert Duncan influenced Cross the Border most among the early books, but agree that many of its poems are deeply embedded in the time of their writing. The selection from that volume in Mulberry Leaves , like the other selections, keeps only the strongest, most complexly riddled poems, ones that do not demand a particular kind of poetic nostalgia. What remains of interest, so many years later, is how each book takes on a different poetic quality, even a whole different mode, as the extreme plainspoken minimalism of Where I Come From follows the richly Romantic rhetoric of Cross the Border , for example.

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  5. Yet both books are clearly by Adamson; they could be by no other. The later work, which I find excitingly innovative and continually exploratory, is given greater play in this new Selected. The new poems are especially interesting in the way they evoke his present personal locale in the Hawkesbury and simultaneously engage with materials of his autobiography. Mulberry Leaves is a big book, necessarily so.

    A poet dreams of childhood & youth

    Like Whitman, Adamson is large and contains multitudes, most of whom at some time or other gather beside him on the banks of the Hawkesbury. Mulberry Leaves is a great work, a necessary volume. So, in fact, is Inside Out. What gifts. He is as deft and resourceful a craftsman as exists, and his poems move with a clarity and ease I find unique.

    He has savoured his life, felt it at each moment, and what he has written is its vivid and enduring testament. It is made available here without charge for personal use only. I told them stories until dawn about my adventures with a girl called Carol that they thought were hilarious.

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    I remember those stories. They were influenced by The Grapes of Wrath [which he had just read]. One day he gave me some advice. If you can do this, you can break the cycle.

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    Never go back. Forget your old friends. Start out afresh. Go somewhere nobody knows you. Become a stranger, make new friends, get a job as the bloke from out of town. And third, because it reminds us of the many, many lives limited or cut short by a pompous, uncaring system that is more interested in bullying than redemption. Jun 17, Erika rated it it was amazing.

    Apr 24, Cory rated it it was amazing Shelves: in-my-library , pages-or-so , poetry , read-in Picked this up at City Lights while in SF last year, mostly because of the flower on the cover. Pulled it off the shelf yesterday, then had to do a little research on Buck before I could jump in. Most of it in fact. A solid little collection here, and I learned some history as well.

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